Thursday, February 1, 2018

Spontaneous Writing: A writing exercise

If you’re looking for a change in your writing, or you’re stuck, learn to spontaneously write something. Anything. Whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be good or bad or anything. It’s really easy. Let yourself unwind in front of the computer screen, or on paper. I always love to write on actual paper. Not online. Sometimes you need a break from that.

Okay, back to spontaneous writing. I’ll give you some examples of it. So I’m going to let my mind wander, to the window or the wall. A white wall of nothingness until it becomes something. Red. Green. Leaves in the fall. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’m writing it and it feels pretty good just to be writing.

These are some of the exercises I do to get something going on. Even if your mind switches and all you write are mmmmmmmmms. Then you stare at the screen, and think of humming. Then you hum a song. It gets stuck in your head. No, no. I’m just thinking out loud, or in other words, spontaneously because this post is going to be all over the place. Because this is how my mind works. Everyone is different so, you might find yourself writing a scene with a young girl sitting at the park, wearing her golden hair down. Curls blowing in the wind. Someone rides by with their bike. Billy from down the street. This girl doesn’t want to see Billy anymore. WHAT? That just came out of nowhere. I could go on and on about Billy and this girl because I was on a roll there until I stopped myself. You get the point.

You can stop and start and stop and start. Reread things. It’s best if you can maybe fill a page of spontaneous writing. You might be super surprised to find out it isn’t all that bad. Even if that means clearing your mind from the WIP you’re working on now. If you write for a while, things will come out. It doesn’t have to make sense. 

You can try to make sense of it later when you reread and reflect on what you said. Because it was something your mind was saying to you at the time.

Silver flakes down the great lakes. Spontaneous there. Colors letters, Y R Z. What do they mean? It could be someone’s initials or the latest phone. Who knows? You’re a writer and you are creative and you’ll think of something.

If you find yourself stopping. Press the keyboard anything. SSSSSSSSeriously. Haha. It doesn’t always work, but it works for me most of the time. That is why I’m bringing it up to you too. This could help you get those words flowing again. Reading of course is another wonderful way of recharging the mind. Always remember that. But there are also other ways, writing exercises that will also help.

I hope you got the idea on how to write spontaneously. Yarn. A cat. A hat. Pearls on someone’s neck. She’s lonely. Who? Jack’s girl. That lady that works at the grocery store is her mother. WHAT? Seriously, once you start writing, it will come naturally. It doesn’t have to be grammarally correct. Get the hint there? No. Certainly not.

Anyway, I’m rambling because I myself needed to do this exercise because I haven’t written anything in a good while. I haven’t updated my blog in 2 months! I’m slackin’. So this is my way of saying, thank you for tuning in to my program. Haha. I truly hope this helps you!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Mental Illness and Writing: Helmet Head

I’m writing with my cat in my lap. He just refuses to leave. He’s warm and toasty and I’m able to type so it isn’t so bad. I wanted to talk a little bit more about mental illness and writing. Everyone struggles to some degree. People with mental illness and depression struggle even more.

Concentration. This can be a big problem for me. It’s sometimes super hard to concentrate on what I’m doing. Like I’m even thinking of something else right now. The cat that’s in my lap. Wondering where this is really going. I guess the best way I can explain it is writing it out.

Mental illness and depression can be described like many things. But today I’m going to explain it like this:

Mental illness is like always wearing a helmet, and never being able to take it off. Sometimes the helmet gets so heavy, it’s hard to even hold my head up. Or the helmet gets tight, squeezes my thoughts into the center, causes stabbing headaches.

Sometimes the helmet exhausts fumes in my mind and body. It comes out of nowhere and I’m instantly sick with worry, anxiety and feeling like I’m going to throw up. Like the fumes from the helmet are making me sick inside.

Sometimes the helmet gets lighter and feels like it’s barely even there. In those moments, it isn’t so bad. But I believe the helmet is there to protect me too. Like sometimes the negative thoughts help to prepare me for what could come. “Could” being the key word here. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts either. This sometimes happens too.

I realize more and more that this helmet is cemented to my skull. I will always have it.

But with writing, my “helmet” opens up these little air vents, letting my mind breathe for a while as I write something down. Just let it go and go, till things feel better. And the helmet closes up and I move through my day, accepting the fact I will always be wearing it.

With a mental illness, there’s ways to cope. But through the years I’ve learned, writing, by far, has been the best way to relieve my mind. Taking medication and maintaining a stable environment is first and foremost. But during those times, there will still be ups and downs. I hate when someone says, “control your emotions.” You really can’t. You can only try to turn the volume down on it. But it’s still there. You can’t delete your emotions either.

But you can maintain them. Being really emotional through writing helps too. Helps build stronger characters, and so building strength in you, your voice. Everything you put into writing, it’s all a part of you. But only just a piece of you. And there’s millions and millions of pieces to you, maybe billions or trillions, etc.

The point is, if you wear a similar type of helmet, like I do, writing can help with that. Walking, watching TV, visiting friends, petting your cat (like me) or dog, or hamster or whatever. Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. Creating good habits too! All this, writing can do for you. I hope this helps you! Thank you for listening. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Friday, September 1, 2017

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Update on my Writing

Now that FIX ME is pretty much complete on my end, I’m free to move on to the next project. I plan to work on book #6 and submit it to Flux down the road. I actually have 4 other novels after FIX ME so I can definitely keep myself busy with that.

I’ve tried writing recently and found out that my computer just wouldn’t have it. Every time I went into word document, the cursor would freeze up and then I’d have to reboot the whole thing and it still wasn’t working. Plus when I’d be on Twitter, the media pictures wouldn’t show up. There were signs of problems everywhere. So it’s time for a new computer! It’s coming soon and I’m super excited I’ll be able to get going on my writing again.

We moved to a new place about 5 weeks ago and it’s been hectic, but it’s slowing down now. With my husband and son working long hours and my daughter (who will be going away to school in the fall) I have gobs of time to work on my writing career, which includes promoting FIX ME, of course. Twitter is amazing! Holla. (Love u guys!)

But I’ll admit though, I haven’t written anything big with the exception of 2 poems since we moved in. I posted one poem on Goodreads, but quickly took it down, thinking what was I thinking. Lol The second poem wasn’t even worth typing out, so I crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage. Shoot. Miss. Have to pick it up to throw it away. Haha

I do a lot of walking and thinking, like somewhere deep something new wants to come out. I hope that day will come soon. I want to write something completely new and something I haven’t explored before. So I’m hoping on my walks, I’ll find that idea I want to write about.

Some of the novels I’ve written were easy to write and some were OMG difficult. The last novel I wrote (I call it the Dream Book) it was so wonderful to write. Everything was flowing, I wrote every day for 3 and a half months. Never once did I get writer’s block or write myself into a wedge. It’s a novel with 6 different POVs and it’s a group of teens talking about their dreams and trying to cope. Then suddenly their nightmares turn into realities and people start dying one by one. Molly, the MC has to figure out what her dreams really mean before she’s next. All 6 characters each have their own dream theme and it all connects in the end. So it’s like getting 6 stories all rolled into one, like the movie Crash.

So I’m super excited about that, but I have 3 other novels that need work.  #6 is a classic YA mystery told in a boy’s voice. He’s my only novel with a main character that’s a male. #7 is another “blue book” I call it, depressing but still with a hopeful quality. #8 is my YA horror story told in dual POV, one female, one male. I love that one too, but it most definitely needs work. That much I know. The horror novel was a big pain in the butt to write too! And it’s only 45K words!

So I’m just waiting to get the new computer. I have my daughter’s to work on right now, but once she’s gone, her computer is gone too. I’m looking forward to getting my own and buckling down on the next one in line. Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work. I sincerely appreciate it!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Attention all YA Book Bloggers and Librarians

FIX ME is now available on NETGALLEY!

It took me a long time to get to this spot and now it's available to read! FIX ME will release this November from Flux Books, and I couldn't be happier. Flux has worked really hard to get my book ready for publication. It's been a dream working with my editor, Mari Kesselring. She helped fill in the gaps and make the story whole.

I'm thrilled and excited and nervous as ever. To all the writers out there, trying to break into the YA market, never give up! If you keep pushing your book out there, keep submitting, keep writing, something will happen eventually. Never give up hope!